Universal life insurance
Variable interest options post April 11, 2004
VIO returns - 12-month rolling return
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Index-linked options
Canadian Equity 
Canadian Bond 
Real Return Bond 
American Equity 
American Small Cap 
Science and Technology 
European Equity 
Japanese Equity 
Global Equity 
Profile options
Conservative Profile 
Moderate Profile 
Balanced Profile 
Advanced Profile 
Aggressive Profile 
Fund-linked options

Fixed income
Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond 
Mackenzie Corporate Bond 
Canadian equity and Balanced accounts
ABC Fundamental-Value 
AGF Canadian Growth Equity Class 
Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class 
Franklin Bissett Canadian Equity 
Mackenzie Canadian Dividend 
Mackenzie Global Resource 
Invesco Canadian 
CI Harbour Growth & Income2 
CI Harbour3 
ABC Fully-Managed 
Fidelity Canadian Asset 
Fidelity Monthly Income 
Dynamic Power Canadian Growth 
U.S. equity
ABC American-Value 
AGF American Growth Class 
Mackenzie U.S. All Cap Growth 
Global and International funds
Fidelity Global Fund 
Fidelity NorthStar Equity 
Mackenzie Global Growth Class 
Franklin Clearbridge International Growth1 
Invesco Global Companies 
Dynamic International Equity 
*These funds are based on the price only version of the index.

The Fund-linked options are applicable to policies issued after September 2001.