Millennium universal life insurance
Variable interest options prior to April 12, 2004
VIO returns - 12-month rolling return
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Index-linked options
Canadian Equity* 
Canadian Bond 
Real Return Bond 
American Equity 
American Small Cap 
Science and Technology* 
European Equity* 
Japanese Equity* 
Global Equity* 
Profile options
Millennium Conservative Profile 
Millennium Moderate Profile 
Millennium Balanced Profile 
Millennium Advanced Profile 
Millennium Aggressive Profile 
Fund-linked options

Fixed income
Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond 
Mackenzie Corporate Bond 
Canadian equity and Balanced accounts
ABC Fundamental-Value 
AGF Canadian Equity 
Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class 
Franklin Bissett Canadian Equity 
Mackenzie Canadian Large Cap Dividend 
Mackenzie Canadian Resource 
Trimark Canadian Equity 
CI Harbour Growth & Income 
ABC Fully-Managed 
Fidelity Canadian Asset 
Fidelity Monthly Income 
U.S. equity
ABC American-Value 
AGF American Equity 
Mackenzie U.S. All Cap Growth 
Global and International funds
Fidelity Global Fund 
Mackenzie Global Growth Class 
Templeton International Equity 
Trimark Global Equity 
*These funds are based on the price only version of the index.

The Fund-linked options are applicable to policies issued after September 2001.